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    The automation of building operations

    PropOps combines the contractor data of your building operations to produce a real estate portfolio with a full maintenance history. This gives you the control of the data you need to keep ahead of the faster market, the increasing value share of building systems and the ever-increasing need for information in asset and portfolio management.

    At the same time, this enables partial automation of property and facility management and paves the way for the practical use of sensors and robotics.

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    Why do you need PropOps?
    Regain control.
    Own your data
    Avoid manual records and double entries as well as incomplete and non-uniform data from the your contractors.
    Constantly growing need for information from asset and portfolio management for risk assessments, compliance reports, CAPEX decisions and due diligences.
    Market change
    Keeping pace with a reduced holding time, an increase in the value share of building systems and the increasing need to intervene in property management from asset management.
    Smart Buildings
    More practical, commercial use of building sensors and service robotics to optimise building operations.
    Everything in its place: With PropOps, tasks are assigned to your room books or your inventory. This means that it is always clear who, when, where or on which property has performed.
    Clear presentation
    all work information for each property and site
    All activities
    such as comments, images and documents for the property in the overview
    Infrastructure FM
    shows information itemised on floor down to room level
    Technical FM
    grouped according to special system types or up to a dedicated system
    Places & Inventory
    Everything in its place: With PropOps, infrastructure and technical tasks are automatically assigned to your room books or system directories. It is always clear who, when, where and what services were supplied.
    Flexible management
    of real estate with the required header data and identification features
    Import and systems
    from customised, detailed room directories – up to several directories for each property
    Management of technical
    systems including categorisation, inventory and expanding header data
    Exchange on request
    of system information and rooms between contractors
    The basis of the service provision: PropOps ensures transparency through centralised service specifications which your contractors can access. As directories can refer to standard positions, it is possible to make comparisons across different directories.
    Inheritance of basic information
    to ensure services can be compared system-wide
    Import and systems
    from customised, detailed room directories – up to several directories for each property
    Recording performance values
    and unit prices for future evaluation and benchmarking
    Creating service specifications
    to ensure standards are maintained
    Regardless of whether it is a weekly cleaning plan or a monthly maintenance plan: With PropOps you can display both clearly and keep track of work across several properties.
    Calendar insight
    in the contractor's maintenance calendar and progress status
    Filtering according to system type
    and services for targeted research
    Link to tickets
    for assignment management to ensure consistent data maintenance
    Creating assignments
    for the delegation of ad hoc jobs
    Assignments or tickets are the basis of PropOps: Always assigned to a property, location and service, you can ensure a transparent view of your building operations through standardisation and aggregation.
    Tabular overview
    of the assignments and the respective progress
    Comments, pictures and documents
    for each assignment allows exact allocation of place of performance and type of service
    Automatic delegation
    of assignments depending on the service from the service specifications
    for reporting that is in line with best practice
    No more Excel or PowerPoint: All information from PropOps can be exported or used via interfaces at any time, with the compiled data free of human errors and collected on the day.
    Targeted export
    of reports based on comprehensive filter criteria
    Automatic generation
    of PDFs for the documentation of assignments including comments, images and documents
    Organisation of exports
    into logical folder structures for projects down to properties and years
    between compliance reports with granular export options and an overview of incomplete assignments
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