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    PropOps combines your real estate business contractor data!
    This enables institutional owners and corporate real estate to maintain a real estate portfolio with a full maintenance history and ensures operational safety.
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    Katharinenstraße 12-15
    • Start of contract01.01.2021
    • End of contract31.12.2023
    • ServiceFloor Cleaning
    Marienstraße 24
    • Start of contract01.01.2021
    • End of contract31.12.2023
    • ServiceFloor Cleaning
    One operating system for all stakeholders

    Thanks to its cloud infrastructure, PropOps offers apps which run in a browser for the office and on a smartphone when you're at the property. This digitally integrates the subcontractor on the premises and the technical asset manager or property manager at their desk.

    All features
    Clear overview of all process information for each property and system
    Access to contractors' maintenance calendars for properties and systems
    Places & Inventory
    Central site and system directories with all contractors
    Tabular overview of the status and progress of assignments
    Global service specifications that map contracts digitally
    Export reports for proof of compliance, managing contractors and decision templates for CAPEX activity
    Get out of the technology dead end!

    Every piece of information in PropOps can be read and written via its modular microservices. What's more, all apps developed in-house by PropOps only use these interfaces.

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    "startDate": "2020-12-01T00:00:00+00:00",
    "endDate": "2021-11-30T00:00:00+00:00",
    "ownerId": 26,
    "name": "Vertrag 2021 TGM Cluster Stuttgart",
    "contractorIds": {12, 7, 23},
    "type": 2,
    "place": (...),
    "service": {
    "name": "Standard-LV TGM",
    "nodeType": 1,
    "description": "Standard-Leistungsverzeichnis
    für das Technische Gebäudemanagement.",
    "schedule": (...)
    Central data pool
    and modular interfaces
    Scalable and
    internationally applicable
    technology stack
    Developed on microservices that have been tried and tested for 10 years
    Phase 1 and 2: Infrastructure FM

    PropOps started in 2019 by mapping infrastructure facility management for the web and smartphones.

    Regarded more as a proof of concept, PropOps had already developed into a stable, cloud-based FM system in the second half of the year.

    Phase 3: Technical FM

    2020 and Phase 3 were all about technical Facility Management and the onboarding of high-quality real estate portfolios and heavyweight FM contractors.

    As a forerunner to 2021 and a sign of the direction of future innovation, 2020 saw the development of a prototype to connecting building technology to PropOps directly.

    Contractor management and sensors

    The automated allocation of assignments to contractors, together with automated management, will be introduced in 2021. In addition, on the basis of the knowledge gained in 2020, cross-manufacturer building technology will be methodically connected as a further data source independent of contractors.

    The relaunch of the smartphone app, featuring the same functionality and identical information held in the cloud infrastructure in a mobile-friendly version, and a proof of concept for the sensible use of artificial intelligence will complete the year.

    BIM, service optimisation, robotics and benchmarking

    As the cornerstone of the digitisation strategy of real estate owners and their property managers, PropOps will focus on service robotics and the question of operational BIM in 2022.

    In addition, PropOps would like to be actively involved in service optimisation (clean on demand, predictive maintenance) in 2022 and offer cross-portfolio benchmarking for building systems and contractors.

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