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    PropOps combines your real estate business contractor data.
    PropOps is not a start-up but a technology company founded and financed by Alexander and Philipp Feil, based in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart.

    It pragmatically combines contractor data from building operations, thereby offering optimising opportunities for property management now and in the future.
    Our history

    PropOps benefits from the expertise of its sister companies and represents an important component in Gebrüder Feil Holding's overall strategy.

    • Feil, Feil & Feil GmbH: PropOps uses FFUF as an experienced integration partner to connect contractors to its own cloud infrastructure
    • FFUF Manila Inc.: PropOps draws on the scalable development resources of FFUF Manila in the Philippines
    • FieldPass: The tried and tested, scalable cloud operating system serves as the foundation for PropOps' infrastructure
    Our journey

    PropOps has succeeded in achieving its ambitious goals and has turned a fully functional cloud service for contractor management into reality.

    • Three development cycles have already been completed since the beginning in early 2019
    • Onboarding the first institutional real estate owner and connection its market-leading building service providers to the PropOps cloud
    • Still 100% owned and controlled by Gebrüder Feil GmbH
    2021 / 2022
    Our aim

    PropOps remains true to itself and is setting the bar high for the years to come. But why shouldn't we also be able to achieve what we set out to do in 2021 and 2022?

    • To establish PropOps as the cornerstone of the digitization strategy of property owners and their technical asset and property management
    • The automated delegation of tasks to subcontractors and automatic progress monitoring
    • From 2022 onwards, active service optimisation (clean on demand, predictive maintenance) and offering benchmarking across the portfolio
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