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    The right software for every stakeholder.
    Different stakeholders, different use cases and needs: PropOps paves the way for institutional property owners, corporate real estate managers and property managers to seamlessly show operational safety and property with a full maintenance history.
    What does PropOps offer your organisation?
    Institutional Real Estate Owners

    Institutional real estate owners particularly benefit from the aggregation of all contractor data. The newly acquired ownership of one's own data enables: seamlessly documented operational safety, contractor coordination including triggering bonus/malus remunerations, targeted CAPEX measures through better decision-making information, easy handling of internal and external audit requests and compliance checks and certainty in due diligence processes.

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    What does PropOps offer your organization?
    Corporate Real Estate Managers

    Corporate real estate managers, confronted with constantly changing company requirements, achieve consistent quality in facility management thanks to the digital mapping of operational complexity. Access to all operational information at any time enables: the support of regions and individual properties by independent regional managers and site managers with simultaneous rollout of central plant and area registers and service catalogs, the integration of own operational units, the integration of regional (special) service providers, CAPEX -Decisions across the entire portfolio and operational safety including complete documentation.

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    What does PropOps offer your organization?
    Property Managers

    Apart from classic CAFM systems, PropOps, as a service-spanning portal, can offer property management new strategic options for action: closer ties to asset management through a needs-based interface, new options in subcontractor management, simplified inclusion of new properties, tools for standardization, a realistic approach to BIM in operation and a path to new business models.

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